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Low boost and 91 200Q timing belt

Well, I finally got my crankcase breather hose from Linda and got it 
installed. Not too bad a job, but not real easy to get the rear hose plugged 
back in. Bad news is - it made absolutely no difference in my turbo boost. I 
am still at 1.4 bar max. All hoses look good. I can pull the dipstick out and 
open the oil fill cap and the engine just continues its smooth idle. Anyone 
got any more ideas.??
I checked my timing belt. It is REALLY cracked. (76k mi) Cracks about every 
1/4 inch that are about half way thru the belt. I am going to have the car 
towed in to get this fixed - I don't dare even start it. The dealer here 
wanted $64 to check it when all one has to do to look at it is this: 
On the passenger side of the cover near the top there is a catch that you can 
peel back, open the cover about an inch and look down and see a section of the 
belt. Takes all of about 15 seconds. I am amazed (pi**ed) that local dealer I 
bought the car from 2 months ago did not do this, especially as he told me the 
car had been inspected and serviced! Peter, we can check yours on Monday if 
you want - bring a flashlight.

mike miller
91 200Q