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Re: Starter Motor Problem & Solution

At 11:48 AM 7/27/96 -0400, you wrote:

>My starter's planetary gear went south.  There is a ring around the
>outside of all the planetary gears that was made of plastic!  It was
>broken into many little pieces.  I bought a used starter from a '91 200TQ,
>and before installing it, I dismantled it to clean and lube it.  While it
>was apart, I noticed that the ring that had failed on my old starter was
>made of metal on the '91.  The '91 starter works MUCH better than the old
>starter even before it failed.  The engine turns over faster, and quieter! 
>Highly recommended upgrade. 

Yup - sameo on mine a several months ago. Removed the pieces of the
retainer, slapped it back together, and lived with the jet turbine windup
for a couple months 'til it moved up the priority list. Bought a used one
fer $40.00 and it works fine. ld one sits onna shelf. Still works if anybody
wants it... Youse pays the freight!

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