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Re: Starter Motor Problem & Solution

On Sat, 27 Jul 1996, John Holt wrote:

> Starter died last week. I pulled it and the braided wire between the

Mine died about three weeks ago.

> starter, I found the connection of choice, a quarter inch by one-sixteenth
> inch length of copper. I would solder it directly from the starter to the
> solenoid lug.

This would be very good.

My starter's planetary gear went south.  There is a ring around the
outside of all the planetary gears that was made of plastic!  It was
broken into many little pieces.  I bought a used starter from a '91 200TQ,
and before installing it, I dismantled it to clean and lube it.  While it
was apart, I noticed that the ring that had failed on my old starter was
made of metal on the '91.  The '91 starter works MUCH better than the old
starter even before it failed.  The engine turns over faster, and quieter! 
Highly recommended upgrade. 

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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