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Re: To all Charlie Smith spring users

On Sun, 28 Jul 1996 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> > Whisper air control valve by Second Nature (single) #56001      $3.39
> Yesterday afternoon, I bought one of these at the local Petsmart and rigged
> up my own testing system to check it out ... turns out that it's not really
> a regulator but merely a control valve.  As such, it doesn't clamp pressure
> at a given point but bleeds off a fixed percentage.  This effectively means
> the more boost you have, the more timing advance (or less retard, depending
> on how you look at it) you'll get, which sounds backwards to me.

	You're right, a flow control is a device which drops pressure a 
cerain amount.  It does not maintain a preset pressure regardless of 
input such as a true pressure regulator.  In the 5KCSTQ application, it 
would advance the timing slightly as a side effect of fooling the 
manifold pressure sensor.  This probably is not a bad thing for the US 
spec 5KCSTQ because I suspect (and I think someone said as much in a 
previous thread) that the timing is fairly conservative compared to the 
Euro-spec 5KCSTQ.  (Paul T, you've done this with your Ur-Q, albeit 
electronically, any comments?)  When others of our members get the details 
sorted out with the ECU chip mods, then we will have the best solution.

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