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Re: '87 5KCSTQW Coolant Question

At 09:10 PM 7/25/96 EDT, you wrote:

>But the real point is that the phosphates will have bad effects on the heater
>core. It fouls the heat transfer surface of the inner tube, and you'll get
>reduced/no heat sooner or later. Probably won't notice until winter.

Not in my winters!

BTW - last month I splurged and bought a gal of the environmental stuff
(6.50), having finally fixed the leaks, elec pump, replaced turbo, etc, etc.
The car was so surprised that 2 day later it blew the heater valve and puked
it all on the pavement post haste. Sigh...

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EMCM(SW) Dave Head (nuclear grade electrician)
87 5KCSTQ 170K miles and now counting (after $230.00 to repair...)
1.9 bar boost (charlie spring, no shim) - @ 1.3 the shuttle launches!
Maitland FL