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Re: 1990 Audi Questions

In a message dated 96-07-13 13:35:02 EDT, v431@pop.ma.ultranet.com writes:

<< Regarding leasing a new A4Q. It is outrageously expensive to lease it. The
 special subsidized leases are for the models that are non-Q.
 It might be as high as $100 USD per month more to lease it over FWD. Check
 it out. >>

Wrong.  Audi of America is offering leases on front and quattro A4s with a
delta for quattro of about $40-50 monthly, __all other things being equal__.
 If you encounter a dealer who wants more, they aren't really trying hard
enough.  Shop elsewhere.  Granted, the quattros are in short supply, but
going by the numbers, the price difference is in the realm of reason.