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Re: 1990 Audi Questions

At 04:01 PM 7/14/96 -0400, you wrote:

Wrong again.  I just bought a A6Q and the residual is 5% more on the Q than
the FWD with about all leasing companies, which made the Q cheaper per month
than the FWD.


96 A6Q
84 5K(for sale)

>In a message dated 96-07-13 13:35:02 EDT, v431@pop.ma.ultranet.com writes:
><< Regarding leasing a new A4Q. It is outrageously expensive to lease it. The
> special subsidized leases are for the models that are non-Q.
> It might be as high as $100 USD per month more to lease it over FWD. Check
> it out. >>
>Wrong.  Audi of America is offering leases on front and quattro A4s with a
>delta for quattro of about $40-50 monthly, __all other things being equal__.
> If you encounter a dealer who wants more, they aren't really trying hard
>enough.  Shop elsewhere.  Granted, the quattros are in short supply, but
>going by the numbers, the price difference is in the realm of reason.