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Re: <all> Change from Synthoil

On Mon, 29 Jul 1996, Al Powell wrote:

> For those of you who notice such things - when temporarily changing 
> my Audi 200 (turbo) from Mobil 1 synthetic oil to Castrol petroleum 
> oil, my oil temperature IMMEDIATELY sustained approximately 15 
> degrees increase in temperature.
> When I say that synthoil has better heat dissipation qualitities then 
> petroleum oil, I am NOT kidding.  This is clear evidence.  And oil 
> that runs coller suffers less from loss of volatile elements, 
> therefore keeps its designed viscosity longer, and performs better.
I can also attest to this and is a BIG REASON I am such a fan of Synth 
Oil. A local, reputable offroad shop that does AirCooled VWs carries a 
full line of Redline oils. The reason Being: They noticed a 20 DEGREE 
TEMP DROP when they went to REDLINE over standard oil. Personally my L6 
saw a drop of about 10 degrees when using Redline over standard oil.

My 2 cents

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