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Re: <All> Change from Synthoil

Al Powell, APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu wrote:

>When I say that synthoil has better heat dissipation qualitities then 
>petroleum oil, I am NOT kidding.  This is clear evidence.  And oil 
>that runs coller suffers less from loss of volatile elements, 
>therefore keeps its designed viscosity longer, and performs better.

Of course, this all comes at a price. And synthetic oil is about 3x more 
expensive than yar regular oil. Hence, the last time I changed my oil I 
did think about switching to synthetic. Apparenty, there have been 
reports (on the list) that synth. oil can make noisy lifters real quiet. 
Ever the sceptic, because oil additives never seem to fix this problem, I 
passed on using synth. oil. I'll just replace those damn lifters! Problem 

But does synthetic oil quieten noisy lifters? Does it??????

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