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Re: Dick's Questions - Long

Al Powell wrote:
> "Dick Green\"."<dick.green@valley.net> asked
> > I own a 1993 90 Quattro, still under warranty until 9/8/96. A couple of
> > weeks ago, I heard a loud moaning noise when maneuvering the car at low
> > speed. I checked the power steering fluid reservoir and found that it was


A couple of notes here...

The newer Audis (at least the 93+ 90s) don't use the exotic
Pentosin for the power steering system, but more common mineral
hydraulic oil.

The part number and price for the fluid you bought look right to
me. I think the difference is just the quantity (pint vs. quart).

A common problem with these cars are the steering dampers: a
mini shock-absorber thingy that is attached above and parallel to
the rack. It's supposed to dampen vibrations, etc. Early ones
tended to go bad, making a moaning, groaning or "rubbery" squeek
when the wheel is turned. I went through four of these before
Audi changed the design (the latest one has lasted over a year

The fact that adding fluid quieted your noise doesn't support
this theory, however. It's more likely that it is the rack itself.

The "recall" you may be thinking of for the power steering in
the 93+ 90s is for leaky pressure hose fittings. It was not an
official recall, just a service bulletin. From my personal
experience, only 2 of 7 dealers seem to acknowledge knowing anything
about it; only one would perform the service on request...

Typically, you'd know if you had the problem, because the fitting
would let go and fluid would be pumped out on to the exhaust manifold,
causing lots of smoke and sometimes a fire. Occasionally it was
only a slow leak, so this may be the source of your fluid loss.

BTW, the only people who work on my Audi are factory-certified 
techs and myself.

1993 90CS