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Cheap (free!!!) power

I was mucking around under the hood of my 1993 90CS the other
day when I got to thinking about the recent threads on
throttle position, WOT and those little switches.

I figured I'd check to see if mine was closing (opening?) as
appropriate and I made an interesting discovery. Apparently,
no one has ever adjusted the throttle *cable* in 43k miles
of dealer service... There was enough slack in it that even
with the pedal mashed to the floor the throttles weren't
completely open (and presumably the WOT switch inoperative).

A little fiddling with the adjuster and, WOW!!! Power! The
V6 used to run out of steam over 5000 RPM, but now it surges
forward at 5000 just like at 4000 when the intake system
opens up on the wide runners.

Granted, the overall effect is small, but it added 10MPH
to my speed at the end of the back straight at Watkins Glen...

Check those cables!

1993 90CS