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Re: Tranny Problems

> To recap:  I can't engage reverse when the engine is warm without revving 
> the engine.  It then slams into reverse.  First and second gears work fine, 
> however, it has difficulty getting into 3rd gear.
If you would like to straighten out your tranny with time do what my dad
did. He had the exact and I mean exact same problem. About this time last
year to be exact and it is a 1990 200 3spd auto. To make a long story 
short he just kept changing the fluid every couple months and finally
this last month it doesn't jerk at all anymore and shift smooth as 
silk (well close anyways). Use the AC-Delco Dexron III Mercon
we put it in his car and my mom's (both were having problems shifting)
they both shift great now!!
Rich Andrews