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re: rear fogs

> "I'm pulling you over because you've got a defective
> rear light; your left brake light is on all the time."


> I've gotta know.  HOW OFTEN does this happen to Audi
> owners?!?

I had the same thing happen to me in my Volvo, except that I decided I
*wasn't* going to convince the local constabulary that what I was doing
wasn't illegal.

I also decided that side of the road discussions always end up in favor of
the person packing a gun...

So, despite saying "well, gee, it says to do so in the manual" and "Yes,
it is standard equipment on every Volvo sold in the states", the cop
decided that it was not okay in *his* town.

Yes sir, I'll turn it off sir.

Until you leave sir ;-)

If you argue, *they* *always* win.