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Re: spammers

Eliot writes:

>>i hate spammers.  one even tried to sell me spam software!  there
are now bots that will automatically query all listed mailing lists
for subscriber information and thus build spam lists from there.

>>list software typically have options to disallow queries from non
subscribers and also prevent posts from non subscribers.  that would
make the list more spam resistant.  i have these options turned on
on the NW list.  don't know if these are in effect here or not,
but we ought to think about it.

They can also pick your name off usenet. My wife has been getting some
nasty stuff, I think because she posts regularly to usenet...so I've
doctored her email address so if they use a collection agent, they'll get
a bad email address for her and their spam will fail (I hope).

Running this list as a "closed" list is a good idea, BTW. I run a list for
computer resellers, and only members can post or run a who. Also, I have
to approve subscribers...it's a PITA, but we get zero spams.