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Re: Hydraulic hoses made for anyone?

 On 7/15 Rob writes:

> Has anyone ever had hydraulic hoses made for their power steering?  If
> so about how much should I expect to pay and will it hold up? TIA

The hoses on my ur q have been made so that the hose section can be replaced
with standard hydraulic hoses if need be.  The previous owner was an airplane
mechanic and had a shop that does aviation hydraulics cut the fittings off
and braze on the standard parts.  This did not cost much (about $25 each) and
have not leaked.  The only thing I don't l like is that the fittings were not
plated after being brazed, so there is some rust on them.  Oh well.

If anyone is interested, I can find the receipt for the work and get the name
of the shop.


Steve Eiche
Lakewood, CO
'82 Not So Ur q