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Tires & Alignment

Got the 5KCSTQ aligned last week and new tires on Saturday.  

The 4-wheel alignment was done at Low-Burg Audi in LaCrosse, WI for 49.95.
 They said the camber was off in the rear and is probably what caused the
tires to feather or cup, causing the noise.  The noise was greatly reduced
after the adjustments.  I mentioned at least three times that I wanted the
steering wheel straightened and it's better but not straight.  I asked and
they said they did not reposition the wheel, they adjusted the tie rods.  So
I think they have a little more work to do.  They weren't overjoyed in
hearing that.

I ordered D60A2's (205-60-15) through Tire Rack and had'em installed at an
independent tire shop for $27.  Total for 4 tires, mounting, and balancing
was under $300. I don't think I've ever spent that little since I quit buying
used tires for my old Datsun 510.

Things feel much better.  I haven't really been hard on it yet so I'll have
to wait to see how it handles, but overall it's much quieter, smoother... way
smoother, and the steering is a bit lighter, which is welcome.  The old tires
were Continental CH51 (195-65-15).  They seemed to hold the road well, wet or
dry (NOT snow) but felt hard and the steering was a little heavy or dead

The only problem now is I can MUCH more clearly hear that power-on drivetrain
rumble I've noticed over the last few months.  More on that later.  AND I
know now that I must have Eric's supsension/bushings.  Gotta get rid of the
busy, mushy ride.  BTW, is the steering in all 5KCSTQ's so SLOW?!  It's like
it takes an extra hint and a wink to start changing direction.  Very unlike
my CGT.  Honestly I had hope the tires would help more in this area than they
did.  Oh well, just confirmed my suspicions about the suspension.

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 CGT