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RE: S4 turbo on a 200 tq

in the 20v turbos, Ned says the stock turbo (K24) is good for about 320 to
340 hp--that's with about 3.0 bar absolute (2.0 bar boost).  don't know what
this means for the 10v cars, but....;)


At 12:47 PM 7/18/96 -0400, Glen Powell wrote:
>> No Problem everything will match up. BUT with the K24 you will LOSE top
>> end and get quick spool up.Their are Hybrid turbo options the will spool
>> up quicker than your 26 and still give you top end.
>> If your sold on S4 K24 I have one that I had rebuilt but never use I will
>> make you a Deal on.
>>                     Rick    sincatx@airmail.net
>Will I loose top end even compared to my 225 hp, 0.95 bar setup? Is the 
>S4 turbo that limited in capacity? Here in Sweden, the upgrade kits for 
>the S4:s give ~280 hp and that equals to some 1.35 bar.
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