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Re: 20 questions / answers

It's true.  The very first (1980) 4000 cars came with the 1.6L I4.  My folks
had a 4door.  In '81, VW put a 1.7L in their cars, Audi followed in '82.
Audi got the 1.8 in '84, VW in '85.  

Why's a 2 door weird?  My sister had one of these;  1980 4000 2d sedan
(1.6L).  In '81, this car was available with the I4 and as the "5+5" with
the 2.1L I5 engine.  2d sedans were available thru the '84 model year, after
which the coupe was the only 2d car Audi offered in the US (besides the '85

At 03:42 AM 7/19/96 +0000, Michael Shields wrote:
>Bentley also claims the 1.8 l was imported.
>The same page also claims there was a 4000 "2-door sedan" (distinct from
>the CGT or TQC).  Weird.
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