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Re: Love my V8 counterpoint

the $250 dealer price for inboard caliper pads is not that far off...

for the girling conversion (dual piston caliper) on the 20v, dealer price
for the pads is $205 retail, $137 cost ('94 price fiche).  these were a
ferodo pad, i understand now sourced from textar.  $30 sounds a bit (ok, a
lot) low...what kinda pads are these anyway?  ipc price for these pads was
$129/set.  i bought porterfield R4S (street) carbon-kevlar pads for
$100/set--but the pad-wear connector was wrong :(break out the soldering iron :)

At 11:08 AM 7/22/96 -0700, Eliot Lim wrote:

>> But $250 for brake pads?!?!? 
>sounds like the dealer's out to get you... i don't know how much UFO
>brake pads cost, but converted brake pads cost $30 or so.
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