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Re: Love my V8 counterpoint

Hmmm, strange. Mine weighs 4190 with me, 2 litres of Petosin, case of 
Glenlivet (part of emergency kit), and tool box.  And mine will 
4-wheel drift easily above 80 or so (tire pressure VERY important 
here)...  I get 26 - 27 MPG on a trip and 22.4 measured all the 
time...which is about 22.0 computer... not as good as wife's 100CS by far,
but not bad for the way I drive. OTOH I don't do a lot of city 
stopngo stuff..
CUL, Les
> From:          jackr@internet.kronos.com
> Date:          Mon, 22 Jul 96 11:59:46 EST
> To:            
> Subject:       Love my V8 counterpoint

>      As a bit of counterpoint to those who love their V8, I would say that 
>      I only like mine a lot.  It's nicer in every way than my 84 4kq, 
>      except that it's not as much fun to drive.  It's bigger, quieter, more 
>      comfortable, and *much* faster, but the steering wheel is too big (and 
>      has uncomfortable stitching) and you can't get the rear end to swing 
>      out and make it to go sideways no matter how you try.  (I usually try 
>      in parking lots.)  It understeers more, but it has ABS and it's 
>      stable, feels safe and rock solid, and cruising at anything below 
>      80mph feels like a crawl.  But $250 for brake pads?!?!?  It's 
>      expensive to repair and guzzles hi-test gasoline more rapidly than my 
>      Corvette.  Why can't the auto-trans be as snappy as GM's?  Leather 
>      seats are too hot in the summer.  The tushie warmers [heated seats] 
>      (both front *and* rear!) are the cat's meow in the winter.
>      BTW, I put it on a scale and it only weighs between 3695 and 3700 lbs 
>      (with spare tire & floor mats removed). It only *feels* like it weighs 
>      4000 lbs.
>      As I said, I only like it a lot.
>      Jack Rich
>      84 4000 quattro
>      88 Corvette convertible
>      90 V8 Q