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Hi! and quick 88 90Q question

Hi, My name is Donald Eastlake and I have been lurking for a few weeks, 
ever since I got my first Audi, a 1988 90 Quattro!

There have been afew things wrong with it since I first got it, and I 
have started fixen' them one or two at a time. Over the weekend I got so 
pissed at my sunroof that I took apart the whole motor and cleaned it all 
up, also cleaned out the tracks. Now it runs like a charm!!!

One thing that been buggin' me is the high beam switch, its always ON! So 
I went down to Bernardi Audi and got the whole assembly, but I can't 
figure out how to get the bottom half of the steering column housing 
thing off. After that it looks pretty easy, but it probobly wont be, owell!

Thanks for any help,