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Where to dump antifreeze.

Ernest Wong wrote:

> Last time I checked with local (about year ago) waste recycler place in
> midstate NY, they claimed not to recycle our nasty glycol coolant and
> advice was to dump it in the storm drains.

NO, NO, NO.  Sanitary sewer, or septic tank.  It does degrade.
It just should not be available to people, pets, or wildlife
in the meantime.

I dump mine into our septic and have had no problems.

Some areas have recycling programs that take it.

Bob D'Amato wrote:

>The airports have drains under and around the planes that reclaim the
>glycol. In some places they are starting to use a warmed salt water which
>they say is safer..

Salt water?  On aluminum?

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe