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2) What is US 1116??  I'm assuming that it is either a device which
pressurizes the 
brake system via pressurizing the master cylinder OR a vacuum pump which
attaches to each bleeder screw...

Uncertain; my Zelenda tool catalog is at work; will check it tomorrow.  I
it is a pressure bleed system

3) How well do these "one-person bleeder systems" work??  Just purchased one,

essentially a hand-held vacuum pump, and it seems like it will be easy to

Good luck; I gave up on them after 1-2 bleedings on my 911 (which I am in the
habit of bleeding brakes several times per year in preparation for Porsche
track events).  All I got was blisters in the palm of my hand from pumping,
pedal never was as firm as I like (and got via pressure bleeding).

What I am using now is a homebult pressure bleed system, made up from a 
spare master cylinder cap with a hole cut in the center to which I have
a screw-in tire valve with no core.  To this I attach a hose (with a clamp-on
air connection like on a tire pump) from an air tank pressurized to approx.
psi.  Fill the master cylinder to the top with fluid, attach the cap/tire
run a tube from brake bleeder screw into small clear bottle and submerge tube
end, open bleeder screw, then connect air hose to tank. When fluid comes
out clear, close the bleed screw. Makes quick work of bleeding brakes; just
monitor the master cylindre reservoir level carefully. 

4) How much of a PITA is this to do; i.e., should I purchase a 6 or 12 pack
of Beck's 
Dark along with the DOT 4??

It's easily no more than a 2-3 can job with the above; with the vacuum pump,
would call it a six-pack at least plus a box of Band-aids.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com) 
1990 Coupe Quattro
1995 Porsche 993