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BBQ (brake bleeding questions)

I've a few questions regarding bleeding the brake system on my 1988 90 non-q w/ ABS...

1) Relieving ABS system pressure...is this necessary??  Bentley makes no mention of 
it.  On an Alfa (w/ ABS) of mine I have to pump the brake pedal 20 to 30 times w/ the 
engine off prior to bleeding to relieve ABS pressure.  For the Audi, Bentley just says 
"attach US 1116 (which leads to my next question) and open bleeder screws in this 
order: blah, blah, blah".

2) What is US 1116??  I'm assuming that it is either a device which pressurizes the 
brake system via pressurizing the master cylinder OR a vacuum pump which attaches to 
each bleeder screw...

3) How well do these "one-person bleeder systems" work??  Just purchased one, 
essentially a hand-held vacuum pump, and it seems like it will be easy to use.

4) How much of a PITA is this to do; i.e., should I purchase a 6 or 12 pack of Beck's 
Dark along with the DOT 4??

Have a good one!

1988 90

"It's getting late...early..." -Yogi Berra