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fault codes

My 90 is periodically giving me the "check engine" light.  It only seems to come on 
during periods of extend idling AND only when the engine is fairly warm; gauge reads 
slightly over halfway to "H".  When the light comes on, it will go away after a  
minute or two of normal driving; i.e., once I get out of traffic.  

When I try to dump the codes, the engine dies; that is, I insert a fuse into the top 
of the fuel pump relay, remove it after 4 seconds and the engine slightly revs up a 
bit and then dies.  I can't read the codes if the engine dies.  I was able to 
replicate this every time I tried to read the fault codes.

Anyone else ever seen this?  Engine runs great; there is sometimes a slight miss at 
idle however.  

1988 90 with fresh plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air filter, O2 sensor, clean ISV, 	
	crankcase breather update, all vacuum leaks fixed, and a sump 
	full of fresh Mobil 1.  Soon to replace: fuel pressure regulator and 
	filter...and (sigh) more than likely the fuel pump as it is starting
	to make some strange buzzing sounds every once in a while...