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RE: 200 stereo upgrade Q's, hi Paul

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Hi Paul, I have no idea what the private vs. group protocol with this group.
 I am going to err on the public side, if anyone can direct me to a way to
determine this, thanks.

Paul if you're still in the area come on by and lets look at this thing. 
Well figure out my best solution and I'll post it as well (rear speaker

Car power amplifiers are tricky.  There is some amazing power, relatively
clean, available cheap nowadays.  Most of those type of brand choices
probably need to be based more on questions like, if this blows up, how
tough will it be to take it out and replace it?  Will it trash my speakers
and force a 20 hour crawl in the back seat?  

Personally I'm running some old Yamaha's - they developed a problem with the
PC traces at the jacks  breaking but that's all fixed now.  Lots of clean
reliable power but I paid about $2.50/watt.  Car stereo is *not* governed by
the FTC rules covering home stereo, so manufacturers are free to make all
those "peak power" claims that got the govt involved in the first place. 
BUT, if an amp is rated in a fashion that resembles the FTC guideline, you
can legitimately compare power.  That is, "so many watts per channel with
both channels driven into so many ohms at such and such a distortion figure"
i.e. 100 watts into 4 ohms at .01% THD.  which is only 50 watts into 8 ohms.
 But that same amp could be described as 1000 watts - 500w peak into 2 ohms,
with unspecified (hah!) distortion and the 2 ohm part kept secret.

One of these days I'm going to do a detailed post to the list or mail to the
archives describing what I did in the back of my coupe which worked out
*very* well.  without going further into it, the dumb cardboard goes into
the attic in case you sell the car.

I can't go too far into my speaker recommendations due to non-commercial
constraints of the list.  But I'm sure the info will leak out somehow!


curious? browse http://www.thebook.com/human-speakers
Subject:  Re: QG/private email/Who RU?

You bet your ass Mr. Powell!!!
Can you?  Would you like to be of some assistance?
I still have my 5Ks...for sale....interested?
I am looking to upgrade my car with an amp and would like some advice.
 looking to replace factory rears and boost them as well...thinking about
 Acoustik 4050 4x50 into 4 ohms ....at $199
 Alpine for much more money
What say you....still not made of cash...but want something good.
Good to hear from you as well...still running the ooooowwwwDi eh?
are you the Paul Royal I know from fixing your speakers (here in NH?)
Huw Powell
if not, hi anyway, nevermind
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