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Re: 3-piece EM on '85 urQ? also Exhaust Manifold

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

Here' s my experience, for what it's worth.

 discovered the common broken exhaust manifold stud problem.  My mechanic
recommended just grinding the mating surface of the Ex Manifold to be flat,
and reinstalling it. His opinion was that an old manifold has been naturally
heat treated after 10 years and 100k miles, so residial stresses that cause
warping should be gone. 
When my 83 5kt finally let go that front EM stud, I was too cheap and lazy
to do *anything*!  So I got a $10 small swedish C-clamp and tightened it
across the head to the manifold.  Drilled a hole through the threaded rod
and the body to cotter pin it against loosening and cut off the handle (it
interfered with the hood) It was still working fine 1-1/2 yrs later when I
ridded myself of that tired, beaten old creature (I put that car through

So where do these two piece EM's come from? how much?  Seems to be the
consensus that input and output flow are the best ways to up my measly 100HP
on my 2144 na 82 Coupe....so why not!