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Re: Wheel weights

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The tire machine next door has a setting (called "Metric") which allows one
weight centered inside an alloy wheel to balance it instead of inside and
outside weights.  I've used this and while you don't get such a perfectly
smooth start, the weights stay on...

I have a set of wheel covers with oooo logo for 14" steel rims kicking

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Date: Tuesday, 23-Jul-96 10:43 PM

From: John Holt                \ Internet:    (johnholt@halhinet.on.ca)
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Subject: Wheel weights

I have a 1988 90 Quattro with the original aluminum 4-bolt wheels. These are
the same wheels as the 5KQ 5-bolt of that period (full circle with 5 shallow
slits around the outer edge with a pop-off cover in the centre with an Audi
logo). I have had the wheels balanced too many times. The reason is that all
of the tire installers have advised me that I cannot mount the clip-on type
weights because there is not enough bead around the rim to retain the weight
. Their solution is to use the adhesive weights which last about a week or
two in the mud and snow of rural Ontario, Canada. Without weights, a shimmy
develops in the front end as would be expected.

My solution was to use the Audi pressed steel rims. Works great...haven't
lost a weight in a year but the look of a pressed steel wheel without a
cover for the bolts is something to be desired. Another Audi owner stopped
my wife to tell her that the pressed wheels were the ugliest wheels he has
ever seen on an Audi. I agree.......I want the aluminum wheels back. Any
ideas on attaching weights more permanently without screwing them to the
wheel.???? :)

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