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Re: 3-piece EM on '85 urQ? also Exhaust Manifold

Here' s my experience, for what it's worth.

My TQC holed an exhaust valve, so while the valve job was in process, we
discovered the common broken exhaust manifold stud problem.  My mechanic
recommended just grinding the mating surface of the Ex Manifold to be flat,
and reinstalling it. His opinion was that an old manifold has been naturally
heat treated after 10 years and 100k miles, so residial stresses that cause
warping should be gone.  Not wanting to shell out the mega bucks for the gold
plated two piece manifold, helped me to buy into that idea. I know about the
differential thermal expansion between aluminum heads and iron Manifolds, but
plenty of other cars have this issue as well.  ( come to think of it my old
XKE had a two piece manifold...hmmm) .

Anyway two years later, No problem yet...

-Rich Thomas
Concord NH