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Re: Eric's demise?

> >TO THE LIST:  Sorry for the public post, but I though this issue
> >needed to be addressed.
> Whatever......
> Later!
> Eric Fletcher

Now my .02 cents. Personally, I feel Eric was just a little too harsh.
Regardless who is correct, it's just not polite (bring on the flame throwers!).
However, this is a an open forum, so take it at face value.

However, I find Eric's posts (and a lot of other people's) very, very, very,
entertaining. This list is better than any soap opera or prime time show as far
as entertainment/educational content goes.

People will say what ever they want, and I'm not gonna tell anybody how to say
what's on their mind.

I think this list is great, I just wish my wife could find a good hobby and a
good open forum like this to keep you interested.


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