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Eric's Demise?

	Quick!! Unplug the computer and crush the modem, the 'net cops 
are here!  

	What gives here anyway?  The last time I read the Constitution 
[yeah, well, it has been awhile], the ol' freedom of speech thing was 
still in it.  And, thank goodness for it.  You see Darin, as soon as we 
put a muzzle on Eric for stating his opinions about crAP, then, well, 
sorry, but we are going to have to measure you for one for stating your 
opinions about Eric.  Then everything gets messy 'cause someone will try 
to measure me for one for stating my opinions about your opinion about 
Eric's opinion about crAP.  See how this works?  Before you know it, the 
only person left without a muzzle is some jerkweed that has no opinions 
because he is f'in dumb to formulate 'em.  But, since Mr. jerkweed 
dumbas* is the last one left able to speak [or type for that matter] his 
lone voice rings out the loudest, with no one left to call him a jerkweed 
dumbas*.  *That*, my q-list friend, is reality.

	So, from now on, feel free to bitch and moan about anything you 
like--because you can.  If you don't agree, good for you!! Just [please?] 
go easy on that muzzle stuff.

	Sorry for the bandwidth.

	BTW, Eric, how much did TAP charge to machine those holes in the 
Alfa pistons anyway?  Maybe that is the answer for my too-high 
compression '89 200 motor:)  

	Bruce Aukerman