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Re: Eric's Demise?

> 	Quick!! Unplug the computer and crush the modem, the 'net cops 
> are here!  
> 	What gives here anyway?  The last time I read the Constitution 
> [yeah, well, it has been awhile], the ol' freedom of speech thing was 
> still in it.  And, thank goodness for it.  You see Darin, as soon as we 
> put a muzzle on Eric for stating his opinions about crAP, then, well, 
> sorry, but we are going to have to measure you for one for stating your 
> opinions about Eric.  Then everything gets messy 'cause someone will try 
> to measure me for one for stating my opinions about your opinion about 
> Eric's opinion about crAP.  See how this works?  Before you know it, the 

> only person left without a muzzle is some jerkweed that has no opinions 
> because he is f'in dumb to formulate 'em.  

Hey, leave me out of this.   :)

- new to the list and glad to see it's normal and wondering what the h*ck
I'm supposed to do with this 1984 5000S I bought at an auction for $700
with literally only a glance at it in the lot as I walked by.