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Re: <a4> CD Changer Feature Questions

First, I've got another question about the A4 changer;
does anyone have one mounted in any other place except under
the rear deck?  I'd love to move mine to a vertically
mounted position on the left side of the trunk... just wondering
if anyone has any experience with doing this with the
Audi changer.

On Jul 24,  7:27am, Ti Kan wrote:
> Subject: Re: <a4> CD Changer Feature Questions
> David Robbins writes:
> > Can anyone with the factory CD Changer tell me some of the
> > features you like...

> > Can you shuffle
> > between disks or only between songs on a single disk?
> I believe the shuffle (the "RD" button on the factory radio) only
> randomized on a per CD basis.

This is true.

Other things:

As Ti confirmed, it does remember where you were when you
shut it off.  It also gets there *very* fast on startup.

The standard mounting position isn't great in terms of what
it does to trunk usability.

If you push the <-- or --> buttons to advance to the previous/next
track, it will wrap around; that is, if you're in the middle of
the last song and you hit -->, it goes to the first song.
Not a plus or minus AFAIC, just some info.

The sound is good.  Disk access speed is about average
for car changers.  Resistance to bumps, etc. seems excellent.

I'd also note that for some part of the population, buying
a third-party changer and connecting via FM modulator would be
a VERY bad choice for this car, as the FM section in the stock
radio is way below average IMO.

> It would not be a good idea to shuffle
> across CDs anyway, as it causes unnecessary wear and tear on
> the disc change mechanism.

Not to mention the discs!

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q