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Re: <a4> CD Changer Feature Questions

Dan Masi wrote:
> First, I've got another question about the A4 changer;
> does anyone have one mounted in any other place except under
> the rear deck?  I'd love to move mine to a vertically
> mounted position on the left side of the trunk... just wondering
> if anyone has any experience with doing this with the
> Audi changer.
> On Jul 24,  7:27am, Ti Kan wrote:
> > Subject: Re: <a4> CD Changer Feature Questions
> > David Robbins writes:
> > > Can anyone with the factory CD Changer tell me some of the
> > > features you like...
> > > Can you shuffle
> > > between disks or only between songs on a single disk?
> >
> > I believe the shuffle (the "RD" button on the factory radio) only
> > randomized on a per CD basis.
> This is true.
> Other things:
> As Ti confirmed, it does remember where you were when you
> shut it off.  It also gets there *very* fast on startup.
> The standard mounting position isn't great in terms of what
> it does to trunk usability.
> If you push the <-- or --> buttons to advance to the previous/next
> track, it will wrap around; that is, if you're in the middle of
> the last song and you hit -->, it goes to the first song.
> Not a plus or minus AFAIC, just some info.
> The sound is good.  Disk access speed is about average
> for car changers.  Resistance to bumps, etc. seems excellent.
> I'd also note that for some part of the population, buying
> a third-party changer and connecting via FM modulator would be
> a VERY bad choice for this car, as the FM section in the stock
> radio is way below average IMO.
> > It would not be a good idea to shuffle
> > across CDs anyway, as it causes unnecessary wear and tear on
> > the disc change mechanism.
> Not to mention the discs!
> Dan Masi
> '96 A4Q
i put mine in the glove compartment...