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A4 tuning upgrades

hello everyone...i've got the stereo together now i need to do something
with the engine.  i believe i wrote before that i love this car i just wish
it had a little bit more oomph to it.  i recieved some info in the mail from
some places called Total Audi Performance, Intended Acceleration, and Joe
Hoppen Motorsports.  does anyone have any experience with these shops.  i've
got some info here about a supercharger for the A4 and brembo brake kits(i
think these are really cool).  but what i'm really looking for is a chip or
something i guess.  does anyone know anything about these and are there any
shops in the Detroit metro area?

thanx in advance,

96 A4Qm (with the bitchin' stereo)
94 Infiniti J30t
85 BMW M6 (euro-version)