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Re: Audi 200 turbo quattros

At 04:54 PM 7/24/96 -0500, you wrote:
>˙On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Mike Miller (Volt) (Exchange) wrote:
>> Mike's response to a usenet post. Found this in rec.autos.driving and
>> just had to reply:
>> The 91 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro comes with a DOHC 20v engine making 217hp.
>> Max torgue is reached at 1950 rpm. 0-60 is like 6.2 sec in stock form.
>> It will pull at least .90 lateral G's. For under $500 you can make it
>> run 0 -60 in 5.3 and 0-100 in 12.2. If this  "powerplant is inept" I
>> would like to know what you think is not inept? They are VERY FEW cars
>> on the road today that will keep up with a 200TQ on *dry* pavement
>> either in a straight line or nice twisty road and I know of NO cars that
>> will keep up on wet or snowy roads. Bring on the Ford, Chevy and
>> Chrysler products - they all know what Audi tail lights look like.
>> mike miller
I never new that the 200 tq was that fast. Is a 200 tq stock faster than a
stock S6?
I have a question about a quattro coupe also. What kind of horsepower does
this put out? Also, I know there is a 90 coupe, what are the differences
between the two. One more thing, do both of these coupes come with turbos,
and how much horsepower would they have?  Wait, one more thing, I have seen
coupes, the one with the big wing on the back and no marking, is that a
quattro coupe or a 90 coupe?