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RE: Audi '88 80 quattro (car accident)

At 08:53 AM 7/25/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Martin -
>Sorry to hear about the accident.  I had a similar experience in my current
>4KS some years ago - just a broken headlight and slightly dented quarter
>panel to show for it.  You gotta love these cars when it's crunch time!
>Well, last night I noticed that _both_ of the fog light lenses on my CQ were
>shattered.  It must've happened during the 100+ mph run through Alabama
>last weekend.  I also have at least one turn signal lens that is cracked.  I'm
>going to do some calling around to see what I can find, and I'll let you know
>the results.  Have you found any reasonably priced replacements yet? 
>Anyone else on the list have a good source?
Well, I am getting the signal from the dealer for 30-40$. Not sure. I am
going to look for a piece of plastic to glue on the fog light.  THe dealer
wanted 89$.  I do get a discount from that because my dad is a car dealer
but the discount won't be enough.

>Eric Renneisen
>'90 CQ 20v
>'86 4KS
>>I got into a small car accident the other day.  I tell, you my car is like a
>>rock.  She hit me going 35-40 miles an hour. My car didn't move an inch,
>>and the only thing broken is the left front turnsignaL- left front fog light,
>>and the bumper is scratched up in the left corner. THe whole side of her
>>car was smashed and she had it towed away.
>>       Anyways, anyone know were I can get a good deal on the turn
>>signal and the fog light. Do you think a junkyard might have it?  I remeber
>>replacing the signal before from a dealer and it was like 40$ or
>>something?? Please help me.