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Re: <5KCSTQ> Ignition Rotors/tuneup

Dave Head wrote:
> Put new W7DTCs and cap (Borg Warner - made in Germany)in last night. Plugs
> 1, 2 had some buildup. Guesss its time to do that leakdown test... At least
> they were all brown. Still misses at idle - .3 bar with AC off. Off idle, no
> miss. So is it another vacuum leak?
> Went to put dee rotor in - no fittee. Functionally identical except hole to
> plug in too small. Back to PeeP Boys. Looked at non-turbo. Right sized hole,
> but contact area on the end is only 1/2" wide. Mine (and the one that didn't
> fit) is about 7/8" wide. Wanting to avoid the dreaded 2312? code, I passed
> and stuck with the old one - which was in good shape.
> Any ideas?
> ********************************AUDI FAN******************************
> EMCM(SW) Dave Head (nuclear grade electrician)
> 87 5KCSTQ 170K miles and now counting (after $230.00 to repair...)
> 1.9 bar boost (charlie spring, no shim) - @ 1.3 the shuttle launches!
> Maitland FL
> **********************************************************************I have the same deal when I buy the rotor. There is an older model year 
and the newer year. I know I know but its the truth!!! Check the parts 
books. I forget the correct way they go but I take the one out and bring 
it with me to the parts man. I do this every time or he will give me the 
smaller holed rotor. I have an 86 5ktq and a 4ksq. The 4ksq is the right 
rotor for the 5ktq. 

    Marty S.