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Re: <5KCSTQ> Cooling - Time to crack the books...

Dave Head wrote:
> Been having an rare intermittent problem with my cooling fan sticking on
> medium speed. Last night it no longer became a rare or intermittent problem.
> It's on as long as the key is on... 


   I have the same problem. I have not tried to fix it yet but..  I dont 
know where to start.? The relays seem ok and this fan has been replaced 
a few months ago sooo. What temp or other sensors effect the fan speed? 
The a.c. has somthing to do with it and what about the multi 
dis-functional sensor on the head. I am confused on the whole issue so I 
turn up the radio with the engine running. I also think the air fan for 
the injecters is not working either. Do you have the same happening?

    Marty S.