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Andersen, Bo wrote:
> SOS Turbo Boost problem.
> On My 1985 5000 Turbo I have started getting knocking sensor warning light
> indication at which point the engine computer opens the wastegate to protect
> the motor and turbo boost goes to zero. The is no indication that the engine
> is actually knocking. I have replaced the sensor without result. The problem
> seems to start at exactly 3000 rpm.
> Any help appreaciated!   Thanks   Bo Andersen, Connecticut
> Bo.Andersen@edc.ge.com======================================================================


 Do you have a air temp sensor in the IC??? I have an 865ktq that the 
wires to the sensor broke off and I got the same reading. Just at the 
point of boost or abouts there it would show the engine knock light. 
Resoldered the wires and it went away.     

The sensor is on the pass. side next to the IC hose to the intake.
  Good luck.!!!

     Marty S.