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Re: Bad radio reception & some other questions

     The amp is part of the antenna itself(in the base).  It is very common 
     for it to go bad.  Make sure first that it is not the cable from front 
     to rear.  If you need a new antenna, you have 2 choices:  Buy the oem 
     for $150..+ or buy a VW antenna and cable for $50.00.  The only 
     difference is that the base(where it goes through roof) of the audi 
     antenna is square and the base of the vw counterpart is round so you 
     will need to line it up straight and use a little sealant on it.  This 
     is what I did and it works perfectly.
     BTW you can get the vw antenna from any aftermarket vw parts source.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Bad radio reception & some other questions
Author:  HAYASHI  TAKAYUKI <hayasht@ecf.toronto.edu> at Internet
Date:    7/26/96 3:18 PM

The OEM radio in my '90 Coupe Quattro has a very bad FM reception and a 
non-existent AM reception.  Do you guys know where the antenna amplifer 
is in this car?  What else should I check (besides the antenna and the 
antenna amplifer)?
Also I have two questions I would like to ask:
1.  When I start the car, all the warning lights between the speedo and the
    tach (alternator, seatbelt, brakes, parking brake, etc.) light up for a 
    second and then they all go off.  But my brake light ((!)) doesn't not 
    go off right away.  It stays on for about 15 seconds. 
    Is this normal?  Is this delay caused by the time it takes to build up 
    pressure in the pressure accumulator or something?  BTW, the brake light 
    never comes on when I'm driving.  Also, both brake fluid and hydraulic 
    fuild levels are o.k. 
2.  The brakes squeal like hell for the first couple of times I use them
    right after I start driving.  The squealing sound goes away once the 
    brakes are warmed up.  Is this normal?  My previous car never did this. 
Takayuki Hayashi
1990 Coupe Quattro 20v
hayasht@ecf.toronto.edu & hayasht@vrg.toronto.edu 
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 
University of Toronto