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Re: URGENT -- need help

     Sounds like a faulty clutch slave.  The fluid is probably hydro fluid.
     Tim NJ 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: URGENT -- need help
Author:  Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net> at Internet
Date:    7/28/96 4:57 PM

So much for the fairy tale.
I came to a stop and clutched in, but the pedal
didn't come back up.  It had done this once before but 
I was able to pull the pedal up and thought "weird". 
Also, I noticed that 5th was notchier than before and 
made a mental note to change the fluids asap.
So I remembered that my mechanic said that the vacuum 
pump on the new engine had not been working at first, 
so I swapped it out.  Nothing.  Then I found a small 
vacuum leak and fixed that - nothing.
Under the car I see some fluid seeping, thinner than 
oil perhaps, could be tranny fluid.  The gearbox works 
fine, I can shift and feel the gears engage but the 
motion does not reach the axles if you know what I mean. 
It's as if the clutch is in "off" and is stuck there.
What are the possible culprits here?  I figure odds are 
slim that he forgot a couple of tranny bolts and that the 
fluid leaked all out, but I guess it's possible.
The brake fluid is topped off and the brakes work fine 
as far as I can tell.
To make matters worse he's on vacation as of early this AM 
and won't be back for a week.  Thanks for any help
you can provide.  I'll check email later this afternoon.
| Dan |