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New address, cooling question

Hi folks!

After having server problems at my office for over a week,
I finally decided to switch this list to my home account.  So
if anyone needs my new email, it is mdhogan@msn.com.
Between this list and the BMW motorcycle list (I know that
Dan S. and Steve B. know this too) there is a LOT of motor
vehicle related mail...better to do it at home anyway.

Audi question:  My V8 seems to be running hotter than normal...
All new fluids (oil, coolant, tranny, diff, etc.), fan comes on, its 
just that sitting in traffic, the gauge creeps over to the right.  Once
I start moving, it drops immediately back to normal (just shy of 
vertical).  Any ideas?

Mark Hogan
Bethesda, MD
90 V8
88 Trooper II 4wd
94 Safari awd
89 BMW K1

PS Did any messages to me bounce?  If so, my apologies  :-)