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Re: <5KCSTQ> Cooling - Time to crack the books...

At 06:56 PM 7/28/96 -0400, you wrote:

>   I have the same problem. I have not tried to fix it yet but..  I dont 
>know where to start.? The relays seem ok and this fan has been replaced 
>a few months ago sooo. What temp or other sensors effect the fan speed? 
>The a.c. has somthing to do with it and what about the multi 
>dis-functional sensor on the head. I am confused on the whole issue so I 
>turn up the radio with the engine running. I also think the air fan for 
>the injecters is not working either. Do you have the same happening?

I've updated my archive submission. Remove, smack or replace yer AC High
Pressure switch (located in front of the condensor, next to AC muffler).

WRT the injector cooling fan - remove the wire from the thermoswitch located
on yer wastegate metal shield (bolted to valve cover). Ground it - if the
fan comes on, replace the thermoswitch.

Yer multifunction sensor has nothing to do with cooling. It provides guage
indication and inputs to the computer for ignition timing (high temp) and FI
loop control (low temp).

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