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Re: <5KCSTQ> Cooling - Time to crack the books...

>Been having an rare intermittent problem with my cooling fan sticking on
>medium speed. Last night it no longer became a rare or intermittent problem.
>It's on as long as the key is on... So, I figures - that durned
>thermoswitch's gone and given up - good thing I've got a new one in the
>glovebox! Thanks Blau fer sendin' me the wrong part!
>Snarled, sweated this morning - got it in! Still stays on medium. Pulled the
>relay cover (previous experience) - drops out as soon as I turn the key 
>I sometimes have the SAME EXACT PROBLEM on my 90 and have yet to figure it
>out.  It hasn't happened once this summer yet.  Last summer, however, was a
>different story.  It was stuck on high speed, from when I started the car
>'till I shut it off, for about a month then, all the sudden, it finally quit
>doing this.  Like I said, I couldn't figure it out.  I tried muckin' around
>with the relays but that didn't help...
>Let me know if you find anything out.


We'nt you and I chasing this problem on my car?  It's gone away on my 
car, The thing that I did that "fixed" it on my car was a New Battery.... 
 Seemed that my old batt was down to 15% capacity and with the car 
running and the A/C on it dropped the system voltage down to 12.7v and 
the voltage at the relay panel was somewhere around 10.9v......  You 
might check there.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO