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Re: URGENT -- need help

On Jul 28,  4:57pm, Dan Simoes wrote:

> I came to a stop and clutched in, but the pedal
> didn't come back up.  It had done this once before but
Sound like a slave cylinder to anyone else? 
I just had two friends that had this same problem
on their cars, a Mazda and a Toyota Celica, I laughed when
it went out on the Celica because my friend thought that parts
lasted longer on his '87 than my '84 and I said, something will
break on yours, Well... He spent $900 on misc. repairs
(not just slave cylinder) and my other friend spent $300
when I offered to fix it... stupid but mine's still working fine with 
over 130,00 miles on it. Oh well, sorry abouth the bandwith
just like to share stories.....

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