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Re: URGENT -- need help

In a message dated 96-07-28 17:11:06 EDT, you write:

<< So much for the fairy tale.
 I came to a stop and clutched in, but the pedal
 didn't come back up.  It had done this once before but
 I was able to pull the pedal up and thought "weird".
 Also, I noticed that 5th was notchier than before and
 made a mental note to change the fluids asap.
 So I remembered that my mechanic said that the vacuum
 pump on the new engine had not been working at first,
 so I swapped it out.  Nothing.  Then I found a small
 vacuum leak and fixed that - nothing.
 Under the car I see some fluid seeping, thinner than
 oil perhaps, could be tranny fluid.  The gearbox works
 fine, I can shift and feel the gears engage but the 
 motion does not reach the axles if you know what I mean.
 It's as if the clutch is in "off" and is stuck there.
 What are the possible culprits here?  I figure odds are
 slim that he forgot a couple of tranny bolts and that the
 fluid leaked all out, but I guess it's possible.
 The brake fluid is topped off and the brakes work fine
 as far as I can tell.
 To make matters worse he's on vacation as of early this AM
 and won't be back for a week.  Thanks for any help
 you can provide.  I'll check email later this afternoon.
Aren't the 4kq's of the hydraulic clutch variety?  If so, sounds to me like a
bad Clutch MC and/or slave.....  It is possible that bleeding through the
slave cylinder (at the clutch, has a 7mm bleeder screw) might bring it back,
but chances are it is shot....  The fluid is of the brake variety and if it
coming from the clutch slave, the news might not be real good (as in clutch
prollums)....  Fluid from the MC comes to the floor near the drivers foot,
fluid from the Slave comes from the trans/engine mating .....   These
cylinders get some serious crud build up, and if you leave them too long the
crud tends to eat by the cylinder and then plop goes the pedal....  Beck
Arnley sells a rebuild kit for about 30.00 total for MC and Slave......  Both
new in box go for about 200 retail, but you can shop that price down pretty