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Re: Re[2]: Antenna FM/CB

In a message dated 96-07-29 10:57:13 EDT, you write:

<<   Thanks for the suggestion Dan but the problem is that I have a Coupe 
      and there really is no way to route a cable to the exterior without 
      drilling(Refuse to do) and I can't imagine where I would mount the 
      K40.  But I will use this on my fiances Saturn SL4.
      A few years ago I heard about a converter for an FM antenna that would 
      pull in CB traffic.
The converter thing is not going to give you much in terms of range....  The
effective length of a loaded CB antenae is 103 inches, for FM it is 39inches,
so the CB will not be all that effective....  Add in the fact that once you
hit the mic button, you hope that converter is working properly, the aux ant
looks pretty good....  I have to agree with DanS that the k40 has the best
range, but I now run the Radio Sclack fake cel-phone types for the stealth
look, and find that the range is still most acceptable (esp @29.00).  A
properly "tuned" modulation transceiver can offset the K40 gains pretty
well....  The other option would be to install one of the FM/CB  power
antenaes available at your local Oldsmobile dealer....  I have installed a
few of these, and would think that it would be almost a swap for the audi
power units.....