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MC Slave and the gang

In a message dated 96-07-28 20:01:54 EDT, you write:

 Regarding the rebuild kits: any info on where I can get them?  How 
 tough/long a job is it to rebuild the cylinders by your rough estimation? 
 Do I need any special equipment? 
 I guess there's no way to "tell" if the cylinder should be rebuilt, 
 probably it just fails to let you know?
I know Steve Buchholtz did this job recently......  I know I filed the posted
part numbers, but can't seem to find them in my pentium, Steve?....  It takes
longer to pull them than it does to rebuild....  A dowel rod and some lite
sandpaper for the cleaning of the bore, then install components from the
rebuild kit (add some brake fluid before final assbly), about 5 minutes total
each, slave/master....