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Re: MC Slave and the gang

>a neat trick i have found is not to use sandpaper to hone out the bores,
hmmm did i say that???  but instead use red scotchbright which is available
at auto paint supply houses. its really effective for that job and also for
the crud that collects on corroded bike seat posts etc.
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In a message dated 96-07-28 20:01:54 EDT, you write:
> Regarding the rebuild kits: any info on where I can get them?  How 
> tough/long a job is it to rebuild the cylinders by your rough estimation? 
> Do I need any special equipment? 
> I guess there's no way to "tell" if the cylinder should be rebuilt, 
> probably it just fails to let you know?
>  >>
>I know Steve Buchholtz did this job recently......  I know I filed the posted
>part numbers, but can't seem to find them in my pentium, Steve?....  It takes
>longer to pull them than it does to rebuild....  A dowel rod and some lite
>sandpaper for the cleaning of the bore, then install components from the
>rebuild kit (add some brake fluid before final assbly), about 5 minutes total
>each, slave/master....
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